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Internationally acclaimed coach, trainer, mentor and speaker Geoff Nicholson interviews experts from around the world, asking them to share their strategies as well as their own personal entrepreneurial journey, in how they created a Success IQ allowing them to get the most out of life and business.
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Jul 26, 2017
Melanie Curtis is a coach, entrepreneur, author, speaker, and professional skydiver. Melanie’s clients are like her… intense Type-A personalities, vibrant in their energy, fierce in their values, impeccable in their integrity, human and lovely in their emotions, working to contribute positively to the world, and willing to do whatever it takes…
As a lover of both nature and NYC, Melanie splits her time between the two to nurture her personal network and entrepreneurial pursuits. Melanie believes love and hilarity are the two most important things in life, in that order, and after taking a stand-up comedy class has that much more respect and appreciation for professional comedians.
A Middlebury College and iPec Coaching graduate, fierce coach, intensely driven entrepreneur, and comically authentic speaker and connector, Melanie has jumped out of an airplane 10,000 times, worked professionally in the sport of skydiving for many years, founded her own company, traveled the world challenging the model of mobile entrepreneurship, and extracts usable insight and hilarity in everything she writes and all content she creates. Mel is exceptionally talented at relating the bigger concepts of identifying fear and clarifying values to the specific situations particular leaders and groups face. She’s crazy good at situational and interpersonal integration of concept and accountable action. Mel connects in this way just as powerfully with a group as she does in an intimate one-on-one coaching conversation.
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Jul 19, 2017

Jeff has been a trainer for a decade working with over 700 people; and now taking his talents to the online world training no other than JLD, Pat Flynn, Rich Brooks, Trivinia Barber, Jadah Sellner, etc. Jeff has a  degree is in pre-med/pre-pharm and is dual certified in exercise science and sports medicine. 
Jeff is also an orthopedic rehab specialist and a black belt in tae kwon do. He has a huge passion for helping people and helping them transform their lives mentally, physically, & nutritionally. 
My website people can go to and sign up for a FREE 30 min assessment with me to go over goals, current health stats, and discuss a plan for them to achieve their goals. 
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Jul 12, 2017

Lonnie Ogulnik gets up every morning at 4:30 to take a bath. Full of ice. He follows that up with a gruelling boot camp workout till his body reaches full exhaustion. Then he heads to work.

Is he a professional athlete, or just a masochist? Neither. He’s actually a wealth advisor and an author. In Lonnie’s book, The Heart of a Beast, he details his views on business as war and the need for high performers to push their bodies and minds to their limits in order to succeed.

Lonnie Ogulnick is Founder and CEO of Gordon Wealth and the author of, The Heart of a Beast.  He is also a realtor for Douglas Elliman and a strategic life coach. ** Advisory Services Offered through Investacorp Advisory Services, Inc, an SEC Registered Investment Advisory Firm. Securities by licensed Individuals Offered Through Investacorp, Inc, a Registered Broker / Dealer. Member FINRA, SIPC.

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Jul 5, 2017

Matt Miller spent the first 9 years of his career as an Air Force pilot, before entering the private sector to work in both the medical device and advertising industries. While a top performer in the corporate world, his long-term desire was to be his own boss. 

A good friend one day mentioned the gumball machines he and his young daughters owned, and that conversation began a 10-year business quest that has brought Matt’s company, School Spirit Vending, to the cutting edge of both the vending and school fundraising industries.

Today, School Spirit Vending’s franchising program provides a proven and pro table business system for busy professionals and their families looking to develop secondary income streams with a limited time commitment.

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